27 Inch Handmade Cotton Rope Toy Review

Tug of war never fails to charge up a bored dog. The only problem is that most dog toys are not designed to sustain the wear and tear of tugging. Owners would sometimes resort to using socks, towels or an old t-shirt to play tug with their dogs.

No more! This massive cotton rope is the only tug of war toy you’ll ever need. It’s thick, strong and can stand up to even the most aggressive tugging. We are speaking 100 lbs. dogs with massive jaws.

The best part is it’s handmade. So, there’s nothing toxic or harmful about this rope. It’s 100% pure cotton, which means no chemicals or toxins are seeping through your dog’s mouth.

27″ size when unknotted

This handmade cotton rope toy is 18″ long and it features multiple knots on the surface, which give it girth. 18″ is sufficient length for most dogs. But if you find your large dog gaining on you too soon and the rope disappearing into their jaws, there’s a trick.

Just remove the knots. Easy-peasy! This extends the length of the toy to 27″, giving you more room for tugs. This also helps maintain a safe distance between your pet and your kids, if they use it for tug of war games.

Handmade Crocheted Cotton Rope

This 27″ rope toy is crocheted with 100% cotton, which makes it safe for your dog (and kids). No harm will come to your pet’s mouth if they were to accidentally chew on it.

Handmade Crocheted Cotton Rope

Washes clean with ease as well. Just rinse it underwater and it’s good to go.

For Aggressive Chewers

Rope toys have a poor reputation, especially amongst pet owners with large dog breeds. That’s because the fabric is usually too weak to hold up against their powerful teeth.

For Aggressive Chewers

But not this one! This handmade cotton rope toy features densely-packed cotton fiber which is difficult for dogs to rip through. It is also resistant to abrasion, thanks to the crocheted cotton strands which are tightly knotted and well-protected under the massive knots.

An added benefit is that it doubles up as a dental hygiene tool, which can help keep your dog’s teeth white and breath fresh. The cotton surface scrapes against their teeth, removing tartar and plaque.

Best features

  • 18″ when knotted and 27″ when unknotted
  • Massive, heavy-duty rope with ample length that allows room for tugging
  • Doubles up as a dental hygiene tool, which amplifies its functionality manifold
  • 100% cotton with no harmful chemicals used in the dyeing
  • Tightly bonded cotton fiber strands, which resist abrasion
  • Durable with no fraying or splitting
  • Comes with multiple knots on the surface, making it extremely heavy and dense
  • Machine washable (with knots removed)
  • Toss it, tug it or play a game of fetch. This 27″ handmade cotton rope toy is designed to stand up to even the most aggressive of chewers!


Puppies and young dogs need to chew. And they love it! It’s just in their nature. If not controlled, that chewing habit could cause havoc in the house as they grow up. Not to mention your shoes, furniture and wallpapers could stand a serious battering from those razor-sharp canines.

This 27″ cotton rope toy is excellent for puppies (ideal for pouncing and fetching), young dogs (great for tugging), and even older ones (makes a great dental hygiene tool). It’s also handmade with no harmful chemicals used in the dying process, so it’s completely safe for your dog.

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