6.5 Foot Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Leash Review

Walking large dog breeds can be a cakewalk or a nightmare. There’s rarely a middle ground. This heavy-duty Dog Leash is designed to keep boisterous canines within your reach, while offering ample protection to your hands.

It’s a thick leash crafted from durable Nylon, that measures 6.5 feet. While it’s not as long as the retractable ones, there’s sufficient room to have a proper walk. Yet only enough, to check unpredictable lunges on passersby or trash cans.

Rugged Construction for Outdoor Use

The heavy duty leash is made of zip cord Nylon, that’s used in Bungee straps. It’s multiple individual strands of durable Nylon closely woven together, making it practically invincible. No frays, no tears or rips. Most importantly, this ensures your large dog doesn’t bite through it. Also, a snag or two during the walks won’t leave the insides exposed.

Rugged Construction for Outdoor Use

It’s thick enough for one handed use and sturdy enough to keep dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. in check. The outer surface is soft to the touch though. So even if your pet pulls extensively, it does not chaff your hands. At the same time, it does not hurt your dog either, if it rubs against their fur.

Both ends have a silicone sleeve which add an extra layer of protection.

Zinc Alloy Clasp

The Heavy-Duty Leash features a Zinc-Alloy Clasp that’s rust resistant and rotates 360-degrees. This is a great advantage while walking your pet. It allows them to move in any direction, without the leash getting tangled up.

Zinc-Alloy is light weight, but more durable than stainless steel. This ensures the leash’s long life, even if it’s being used every day. Also, even the most skilled escape artist pooch will find it impossible to break out of this one.

They can pull all they want. The Clasp stays rock-steady.

Padded Ergonomic Foam Handle

At one end of the leash, you’ll find a Padded Ergonomic Handle with a foam layer. This provides you with a superior and comfortable grip, even in wet conditions. Furthermore, it’s very helpful for seniors with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any related hand injury.

Padded Ergonomic Foam Handle

The handle is carefully designed that it’s not only easy to hold on to, but also doesn’t get in the way of your dog’s movements. Also, it does not snag on other objects.

Best Features

  • Zip-cord like Nylon material, for strength and durability
  • Highly-reflective threads making it perfect for night walks
  • Industrial grade zinc alloy clasp that rotates 360 degrees
  • Comfortable foam handle with non-snagging stitching
  • Perfect for large dogs of up to 120 pounds
  • 6.5 feet long, which is enough room to have a proper walk
  • Non-slip properties on both the handle and clasp
  • Three bright colors to choose from.

Final Thoughts

The 6.5 Foot Nylon Heavy Duty Dog Leash is perfect for large dogs. It’s sturdy, durable and long enough to properly walk your dog giving them their much-needed space.

The foam-padded handle is comfortable and ergonomic, making it easy for people with arthritis to hold on to. Also, it allows you to keep a firm grip even in wet conditions. If you are seeking a leash that’s chew proof and lasts forever, you’ve just found it.

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