Cactus Rubber Chew Toy Review

The Cactus rubber chew toy is a dual-purpose doggie toy. It doesn’t just allow your pet to let off some steam by honing their chewing skills, but it also helps clean their teeth as they chew.

It is made with TPR rubber, which is tough as nails. This ensures that there are no small pieces of rubber that little dogs tend to choke on if they were to break off while chewing.

Even if you have an aggressive chewer at home, this toy promises hours of distraction and energy expending.

Dental Cleanser

The Rubber Cactus also helps clean your dog’s teeth by removing plaque and tartar from their mouths when they chew. This is because it has two rows of conical protrusions on it, which are used to massage the gums and clean the teeth.

When they bite on the toy with their molars, which is precisely how it’s shaped, the cones will scrape the gum line and surface of the teeth. By doing this, it simultaneously removes plaque and tartar from both areas, making for healthy dental hygiene.

At the same time, it’s been carefully designed with blunt ends so it won’t scratch the gums or hurt them, no matter how hard they chew on it.

TPR Rubber for Aggressive chewers

How many times have you bought home a chew toy, only to find it in shreds within minutes? Well, that’s not something you have to worry about with this toy.

That’s because the TPR rubber is tough, meaning it won’t wear out easily under the force of an aggressive chewer’s biting and chewing. So no broken or missing pieces that your dog can swallow or get choked on.

TPR Rubber for Aggressive chewers

You can leave them with the toy all day without any apprehensions. This, also helps them expend their energy and soothes their urge to chew sparing your furniture and other household items.

Sneak in Some Treats

The Cactus has a hollow cavity, bang in the middle. This can be used to sneak in a treat, which will keep your pooch occupied for longer than it would be if he were to just chew on the toy by itself.

Sneak in Some Treats

Else, you can also sneak in healthy food that they refuse to eat otherwise. For instance, many dogs refuse to eat peanut butter, which can be a great way to get them some healthy fat and calories. Just add a dollop of peanut butter to the Cactus and watch them caught unaware as they swallow it.

The Cactus comes in a standard size, that’s 5.1″. Perfect for all dog breeds.

Best features

  • Tough and durable TPR rubber: This material makes the Rubber Cactus virtually indestructible and very hard for your pups to chew through.
  • At 5.1″, the toy is large enough to be left with your pet for extended periods and is suitable for all dog breeds.
  • Great as a dental cleanser: The conical protrusions on the surface help massage gums and clean teeth, effectively removing plaque and tartar.
  • Can be used to sneak in treats or food: The hollow cavity in the middle can be used to add treats or healthy food that your pooch wouldn’t eat otherwise.
  • Perfect for even aggressive chewers


The Rubber cactus toy promises hours of fun and will help keep your pet’s dental health in top shape. It keeps your dogs engaged, catering to their urge to chew on everything they can get their jaws on.

The TPR construction makes it virtually indestructible.

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