Can Dogs Eat Black Rice? Know about What Kind of Rice Good for Dogs

You may have come across a statement that says dogs can benefit from some nutrients from eating rice. In fact, certain vets will recommend white rice for dogs to help tackle stomach upset rather than their usual food. Rice can indeed tackle stomach upset in dogs and also be beneficial to their overall health, but the question now is, can dogs eat black rice?

If you’re pondering on that right now, keep reading. This article uncovers the answers you seek with other necessary information, like what type of rice is good for dogs, the health benefits of black rice, and more. Since the wellbeing of your dog is paramount, learning more about this topic will be beneficial to you.

Can Dogs Eat Black Rice?

Can Dogs Eat Black Rice

Dogs can eat black rice at certain times to benefit from the nutrients contained in them. Black rice for dogs can also be a filler in their meals, which means you can add it to their main meals. Although black rice is okay for dogs, it takes some time to completely digest their systems.

If you wish to add black rice to your dog’s main meal, ensure it is properly prepared with salt and other necessary seasonings. Furthermore, you can add a spoonful or a couple of spoons to the meal as a treat.

So, can dogs eat black rice? There are certain reasons why black rice is ideal for dogs. One of which is the presence of a vegetable substance called Anthocyanin. You can easily tell by the natural black pigment of the rice, which indicates the presence of anthocyanin. This vital vegetable substance specifically tackles the oxidative stress in your pet.

Here are the major reasons dogs can eat black rice and maintain perfect health:

Tolerance/Allergy Substitute.

Some dogs develop intolerance or allergy to certain foods over time. Usually, it takes a few months before a dog becomes allergic to a particular food. Once a dog develops this feeling, there will be obvious negative reactions to that food. Most times, intolerance in dogs begin with foods that are rich in protein, such as meat, wheat, and milk products.

Fortunately, black rice replaces such foods. It provides the right nutrients that are essential to maintain the overall health of the dog.

Substitute for Dogs with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)

You can think of IBD as a syndrome instead of a disease. This syndrome usually occurs in the intestinal tract, causing a kind of reaction due to chronic irritation. If a dog is suffering from IBD, the chances are that it will abstain from certain foods.

At times like this, black rice would be one of the best food substitutes the dog can take. This is because they contain a good amount of fiber, which helps to improve the dog’s digestive system. In addition, black rice contains about 23 different antioxidants that are necessary to protect against free radicals.

Immune System Booster.

Immune System Booster

Generally, the immune system helps the body fight against several different infections (microbes). This is also applicable to your pet.

To give your dog that extra advantage over certain dog diseases out there, add some amount of black rice into its diet as part of its disease preventive measures.

Delayed Aging.

Delayed aging is another term to relate to maintaining vigor. Some pet owners do not want to see that weak development in their pets, which leads them to go the extra mile to maintain the strength and ability of the dog.

Usually, at 8 years old, many dogs are considered old. Certain dogs do not display signs of aging until at 9 to 10 years old. Although this is true, one way you can maintain the vigor of your dog is to include black rice into its meals.

The Health Benefits of Black Rice for Dogs.

The Health Benefits of Black Rice for Dogs

Black rice offers many benefits for dogs, one of which comes from the presence of anthocyanin. The substance is responsible for protecting dogs’ cells against damage.

The following are the notable benefits of black rice for dogs:

The Presence of Mineral Salts.

Sometimes it gets difficult to choose the dog food that contains the right balance of all the important nutrients to maintain perfect health. Fortunately, black rice contains some essential mineral salts such as zinc, selenium, iron, and calcium. This is a vital class of nutrients that every healthy balanced diet must contain.

The presence of these minerals in black rice will aid proper function and development in dogs. Moreover, including the right amount of black rice in your dog’s meal maintains its optimal health.

Contains a High Amount of Fibers.

The presence of fibers in meals helps in cases of constipation and diabetes. For dogs, it breaks down the caloric density in their diets and aids the feeling of satisfaction after meals. Fibers are also effective in weight loss, which can be assistive if your dog is overweight. However, a high amount of fiber alone will not result in weight loss, which is why you must regulate the times and quantity of black rice you give to your dog.

Other benefits of fibers in dogs include healthy cell function, fecal consistency, and minimized constipation.

Presence of Glucides

Glucides is the related term for carbohydrates. When people mention glucides, they refer to sweet things that are part of carbohydrates. Although glucides (carbohydrates) are not an essential part of dog food, they are, however, a good source of energy for them.

Since glucides are not an essential part of dog diets, it is important to consider the amount contained in their daily meals.

Contains Vitamins

Another reason black rice will be a great meal for your dog is the fact that it contains essential vitamins, which include vitamins B1, B2, and B3.

These vitamins in black rice help to sustain the overall health of your dog, and they are a necessary shield for withstanding certain diseases and illnesses in dogs.

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and sustaining energy in dogs. Also, it helps to activate the channels of ions present in neutral tissues.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is crucial for absorbing nutrients, maintaining tissues, and breaking down food properties.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps to tackle inflammatory skin problems in dogs, like pemphigoid and lupoid conditions.


Proteins naturally provide amino acids in the body, and usually, dogs can generate up to 22 amino acids. But they still rely on the food they take to make up for the rest amount of the amino acids. Lack of protein usually results in some health challenges, which is one reason black rice can be a part of your dog’s meals.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

The absorption method of preparing black rice begins with adding water to it and rinsing it thoroughly in a saucepan. Heat water to a boil and add salt; turn the black rice into the heated saltwater and cover for about 30 to 35 minutes.

During the process of boiling, avoid opening the lid of the saucepan as that may create a chance for steam to escape. And the more steam that is let out, the longer it takes to have the rice ready.

Certain people would think that soaking black rice before cooking will reduce the period it will take the rice to be ready. Soaking black rice before cooking does not have a significant change in the cooking time. However, leaving it in water all night long will only take out 5 minutes of the cooking time. Although this step will make it appear clumping at the end of the day, the taste will remain the same.

What Kind of Rice Is Good for Dogs?

What Kind of Rice Is Good for Dogs?

Brown rice is the best type of rice for dogs because of the several health benefits it gives. Moreover, black and white rice are also good choices for dogs, but you must be familiar with the nutrient requirements of your dog.

Brown Rice

The method of processing brown rice is not as intense as that of white rice, which makes it healthier given that all its nutrients are still complete.

Brown rice contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and less fat, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein. These many constituents in brown rice make it the best option for dogs.

There are other varieties in brown rice. However, the method of preparation is the part to pay more attention to. In the preparation of brown rice, there is a need for more water than how much is needed for white rice. This is because brown rice is chewier than white ones.

Certain prefer germinated brown rice to the regular brown ones because of the Gama-amino butyric (GABA) acid it provides. Proper preparation of brown rice will require advanced rice cookers combined with the cooking options for brown rice.

White Rice

Giving your dog white rice is a way of treating stomach upset, given that they are soft and digest easily. Also, the carbohydrate contained in white rice provides them with energy, which is necessary for the diets of older dogs. Aside from this fact, white is quite quicker and easier to prepare whenever.

White rice is less expensive than brown ones and they also provide important benefits to dogs. Below are some benefits white rice provides:

  • High in vitamin D
  • Tackles skin disease
  • Increase the number of good bacteria
  • Cures stomach upset
  • Contains lots of essential minerals, such as iron, riboflavin, thiamine, and more

Black Rice

Black rice is generally healthy to both humans and dogs because of its many health benefits. It is a species that belongs to the Oryza sativa family and contains a distinct substance known as anthocyanin.

The several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant properties in black rice are the reasons most people consider it good enough for dogs.

Final Thoughts

Although black rice is not very common, they are still very rich in essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to your pet. So if you are wondering and probably asking, can dogs eat black rice? We believe this article has provided you with the right answers and the obvious reasons why black rice will serve as a good meal for your dog.

The integrated minerals and vitamins in black rice work together to give your dog better eyesight, proper weight, and a healthy heart, keeping it healthy and potent all day, every day.

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