Completely safe

Bear Cotton Rope Teething Toy Review

When your pup’s teething, they can practically chew on anything in the house. Shoes, furniture, electronics, couches, cutlery, crockery, books, nothing’s spared. This organic cotton rope toy will give them a safe and soft surface to chew on. It caters to their natural chewing instinct and keeps them engaged and distracted for hours. Plus, it’s …

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Squeaky Clean Dog

Dog Grooming Glove Review

Grooming rakes often bring out the worst in dogs. But every grooming session need not be a nightmare for you. These grooming gloves will make life simpler for you, keeping your canines comfy and squeaky clean. It does a thorough job at dislodging loose hair, dander, dirt and other creepy crawlies that may have made …

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Pocket Sized

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Review

If your pet poops, you scoop! That’s the norm. But that’s easier said than done. Most pet parents hate lugging around poop bags. They look ungainly. They tend to rip. If that sums you up, then here’s the dog poop bag dispenser, a tiny contraption that solves all problems poop-related. It’s a capsule that can …

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TPR Rubber for Aggressive chewers

Cactus Rubber Chew Toy Review

The Cactus rubber chew toy is a dual-purpose doggie toy. It doesn’t just allow your pet to let off some steam by honing their chewing skills, but it also helps clean their teeth as they chew. It is made with TPR rubber, which is tough as nails. This ensures that there are no small pieces …

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