Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Review

If your pet poops, you scoop! That’s the norm. But that’s easier said than done. Most pet parents hate lugging around poop bags. They look ungainly. They tend to rip. If that sums you up, then here’s the dog poop bag dispenser, a tiny contraption that solves all problems poop-related.

It’s a capsule that can hold an entire roll of poop bags. The best part is that it can be attached to the leash, leaving you free to surf the internet and click pictures for the gram.

Pocket Sized

The dog poop bag dispenser is a tiny, cylindrical capsule that can easily fit inside your pocket. The best bit about it is that can hold an entire roll of poop bags, so you don’t have to carry around an extra load.

When your pet’s done tending to their business, you tug at the loose end of the bag and the poop bag dispenser dolls out, one bag at a time, neat and clean. Gently tear it away from the roll, gather the poop and it’s done.

Pocket Sized


Each capsule comes with a roll of large-sized bags. So, there’s ample room for large dog breeds as well. Also, if your dog likes to poop multiple times, all you need to do is tug at the end of the roll again and again, until it’s done for the day.

Stays Flush with the Leash

Every pet owner who’s ever used one of these knows that dangling poop bag dispensers come in the way and tend to get tangled with the leash. Thankfully, this one sits rather flush with the leash.


It has a tiny hook and loop fastener, so you can attach it to the leash and go on about your walk without it getting in the way. The fastener’s secure too. Even if Fido chases a squirrel into the bushes, the bag holder stays put on the leash.

Easy Refills

Come refill time, you can easily open the cap to replace the empty roll with a new one. You can use any standard 12-inch poop bag in the dispenser.

Easy Refills

It comes with a marked opening side. So, you cannot go wrong with it really.

Best features

  • Pocket-sized so you don’t have to carry around the extra weight.
  • Hooks onto the leash with a hook and loop fastener, freeing up your hands.
  • Stays flush on the leash and does not come in the way
  • Easy to grab a bag with just a pull
  • Holds a whole roll of poop bags, so you don’t have to refill it frequently.
  • Stays put on the leash, even if your pet runs around
  • Comes with a marked opening for easy refills
  • Works with any standard pet poop bag roll

Final Thoughts

The dog poop bag dispenser is a nifty device that can be attached to your leash, and you can remain hands-free. Imagine no longer having to carry around a poop bag in your pocket.

Nor do you need to hope that there’s a trash bin around the corner. All you need to do is tug and the bag comes out, neatly torn at the edges. Scoop, knot and dispose.

Makes life easier.

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