Dog Grooming Glove Review

Grooming rakes often bring out the worst in dogs. But every grooming session need not be a nightmare for you. These grooming gloves will make life simpler for you, keeping your canines comfy and squeaky clean. It does a thorough job at dislodging loose hair, dander, dirt and other creepy crawlies that may have made home in that lush coat.

They also have a non-slip grip on the palm to help you keep a firm hold on your pup while you brush them.

High Quality Silicone

These Gloves are made of a blend of soft silicone fabric and rubber. The insides have a stretchy, soft layer that fits on your hands snugly, while the outer portion that comes into contact with your pet’s coat has multiple silicon tips.

High Quality Silicone

It’s a five-finger design, almost like a mitt, with a flexible strap for securing at the wrist. Once secured, the gloves stay put and do not move around as you are grooming your dog.

Makes Grooming Enjoyable

Dogs hate grooming rakes because the metal prongs poke their soft undercoat and skin. These grooming gloves though make grooming time enjoyable, because of the soft silicone tips which give them a relaxing massage instead of sharp jagged edges.

Most pets love being groomed with these gloves. They will happily oblige, allowing you to easily groom their fur with minimal fuss, even during bath time. The five fingered, mitt-like design allows you to reach places that are notorious for hidden grime and bacteria. Like in between the facial folds, or between the paw webbing.

Squeaky Clean Dog

These grooming gloves are much better than any schmancy grooming tool you may find on the internet. For starters, there are more than 200 silicone tips on the glove, which are about 0.5 centimeters in size. These are perfectly spaced apart allowing you to go deep into the dog’s fur to scrape out dirt and dander.

Squeaky Clean Dog

As far as fur is concerned, even a gentle rub will dislodge most loose fur. What’s amazing is that the fur clings to the rubber surface rather than floating around and landing on your furniture. This makes post-grooming cleanup a cakewalk. Just rinse the gloves under the water and it’s a job well done.

When not grooming Fido, these gloves are handy for removing dog hair off furniture or your car upholstery. Just wear them and clean away.

Best features

  • Soft silicone fabric and rubber material
  • Over 200 silicone tips that go deep into dog fur
  • Dislodges dirt, dander and fur easily
  • Comfortable for your pet
  • Makes bath time grooming easier
  • Mitt-like design with five fingers for reaching hard-to-reach places like the facial folds
  • Massages your dog’s coat stimulating blood circulation
  • Fur clings to the silicone surface making it easier to clean after grooming
  • Can be used to scrape off dog hair from furniture and car upholstery
  • Rinse it under water for cleaning
  • Great Value for money

To sum it up

These grooming gloves take away the discomfort and chaos from grooming sessions. Your pet enjoys the massage, while you’ll find it much easier to use and clean, as compared to run-of-the-mill grooming tools.

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