11 Reasons Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else? [Explained and Solutions]

Dogs, as you know, can annoy as much as they are fun. This trait has nothing to do with their breed, age, or even their looks. Your dog’s humping can be cute sometimes, but other times, you just can’t bear it. Possibly, out of the many people in your house, your dog humps just you and no one else.

So, it forces you to ask, why does my dog hump me and no one else? Your dog humps you because they feel safer in your hands. Also, they might want to play with you, or you just make them feel excited and loved. Your dog knows you and, just like every human, it knows how much it likes you.

Normally, babies get clingy to their mothers or the particular parent they like most and run away from every other person. Dogs can also get that way with humping. Read more to know the age range for dogs to hump. Also, why they hump and how to stop it.

At What Age Do Dogs Start Humping?

why does my dog hump me and no one else

Your dog will hump you at any age, so long as it feels accepted by you. Dogs start humping when they get free with their target. Dogs at different ages have different reasons to hump. While your puppy needs to play, your older dog might just need sexual attention or to show dominance.

Puppies mostly don’t get to puberty when they are below six to eight months old. Here, their humping might be out of excessive love for play. Also, it is one of the first steps for puppies to maximize their strength and their environment.

If you’re not just in the mood for this behavior, it might get so annoying and piss you off. But your anger won’t do much. It can only scare your dog for a while, and the next minute, it is humping again. They don’t grow out of humping. Instead, the bigger they grow, the more they become dominant, the humping tendency might increase.

Why Does Your Dog Hump Everything?

It is important to know that your dog hump for its love for a person or a thing. One reason your dog hump everything is because it loves them. Also, they hump everything because it’s their nature to hump. It’s a general play sign for dogs.

Male, female, young, and old dogs hump. Even after you have neutered or spayed them. Dogs find humping pleasurable, but sometimes something triggers it. So, it is better to find the trigger of your dog’s humping than the reason. Here are some triggers to your dog’s humping and their potential solution.

1. Itchy Genitals

If your dog has any skin allergy or irritation, it is most likely to hump. Here, it is not completely pleasurable for the dog. It will rub the itchy area against another dog or an object by humping.

Solution: See your veterinarian with your dog.

2. Play


This attribute is common in young dogs and puppies. They always want to play, so they might be on your arms, leg, another dog, or a piece of furniture in the house. As you know, dogs love play-fighting with themselves, so they hump.

This behavior often springs out of their subconscious. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this except you want to stop your dog from playing, which is impossible.

3. Socializing and Communication

Socializing and Communication

This goes in two ways. The first way is when your dog does not socialize well as a puppy and grows that way. They hump things, people, or other dogs, and this shows that they crave interaction. Also, humping might be a way to report an incident that happened in your absence.

The second way this goes is that your dog might hump other dogs to see if they can be friends. If it is in a park, it’s assuming leadership, and if the other dogs are submissive, your dog automatically leads. There is no solution for this as it’s in the dog’s nature.

4. Habit They Learn

In most cases, dogs don’t just hump. They picked the habit up, and you did not correct it early enough. If they hump to a particular incident often and you don’t stop them or the incident, it will become a habit. This way, they won’t need the reoccurrence of the incident to make them hump.

Solution: the only thing you can do is take your dog to a trainer. Or take basic dog training measures.

5. Stress


A nervous, anxious, or stressed dog may hump to reduce stress and relax. However, it can become a habit and maybe a cause to worry if done more often.

Solution: if your dog humps out of stress, you need to see your veterinarian or create room for the dog to relax aside humping.

6. Sexual Needs

Dogs are creatures that have a high sexual inclination. They want sex almost every time of their life, and they get it regardless of where they are. Your dog can hump a female dog for sexual reasons. Most times, it will only stop when it gets it. There is hardly a solution to this.

7. Medical Problems

Your dog may hump because of a medical condition you can’t see or notice. Some of the medical condition your dog can suffer from is skin allergies, priapism, and urinary issues.

Solution: Take your dog to a trusted veterinarian for a checkup and treatment.

8. Excitement

Your dog may hump things, its fellow dogs, or your friends out of excitement. Dogs react differently to excitement. They run, jump, bark, or even hump. For your dog, it might be humping.

Sometimes, when you give your dog a treat, it doesn’t know how else to respond. So, its response in the way it knows best is humping. Also, they may like your friend or another dog and get excited in their presence, which can cause humping. The solution for this is visiting a vet or a dog trainer to redirect its excitement to another act.

9. Dominance

One thing that major triggers dogs humping is dominance. When a dog wants to control other dogs, it humps. Your dog may sense the need to be territorial around the house, a particular thing, or its owner.

Maybe other dogs are threatening to trespass into its territory or take what belongs to it. Maybe you are giving attention to other dogs. Here, your dog might feel the demand to hump to show that the said person, property, or area is his.

10. Boredom and Lack of ExerciseBoredom and Lack of Exercise


If your dog goes around the same routine daily, it can get bored easily. Also, if you don’t make your dog exercise, it might cause humping. This is because your dog does not take part in enough physical activities.

You should exercise your dogs with activities like game time, walk or any other activity you can think of. If you don’t, they won’t have anywhere to send off all the energy in them. So, the result of humping looks like another way to expel energy. Some hump your leg, furniture, or other dogs.

Solution: Take your dog out for walks and play games with them often.

11. It Is Natural

Humping comes naturally to a dog sense. Most times, nothing has to be the problem; they just want to hump.

Solution: If you neuter your dog, these traits will reduce. Also, nudging your dog gently with an elbow can help.

Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

Your dog humps you and no one else because it wants your attention, and maybe it wants to play with just you. The dog can be in a room filled with familiar faces or in a crowded pack with other people, things, and dogs but feels only safe with you.

So, if you’re probably asking, why does my dog hump me and no one else? Check the reasons below!

  • They feel safe humping you.

Like humans, dogs go where they feel accepted. So when your dog hump another person and the person resists, and this occurs often, it might end up humping just you. This is because your dog may feel threatened by other people, not you. So your arms become the safest place for it, and it always humps you regardless of how you feel.

  • You excite them more.

It doesn’t take much to get your dog excited due to its energy level. So when you get your dog treats each time you come back from work or a trip, they’ll become naturally happy to see you. Most times, they are familiar with the time you return home, so they wait for you at the door.

They know what to expect when you return, so their excitement level is high. So, when you return, they are likely to hump you and get clingy, regardless of the number of people in the house.

  • They want your attention.

To you, humping seems like a strange and annoying way for your dog to seek attention. But to your dog, it is the best way it knows. If they bark or jump around you and you don’t respond, they will hump you. There’s no way you can ignore that.

They mostly don’t care what kind of attention you give. Whether negative or positive, they just don’t want to be ignored. They would rather you scold them than disregard them. You can also give your dog attention as treats.

  • Sexual attraction.

As a dog owner, when you go naked or behave nastily before your dog, it entices the dog. If this happens more often, you might start getting humped by your dog based on sexual attraction. They are sensitive creatures, and they react to what they see and feel. You need to know that dogs can get sexually attracted to humans.

What Can You Do to Stop Your Dog from Humping?

The most effective method to make your dog stop humping is to take preventive measures against the act. Take your time to monitor your dog and note when it is likely to hump. Then try to redirect their energy into a more productive activity like training, gaming, or walking.

If your dog is pestering other people or dogs by excessive humping, it is in your place to stop it. Humping can be cute sometimes, but at other times, it is annoying. So, work on your dog to stop humping too much.


As man’s best friends, dogs are very sensitive and can hump for what it wants or what it doesn’t want. As a dog owner, it is in your place to monitor your dog and figure out what it is humping you for.

We are all different. While some people like their dogs to hump them, others dislike it. That’s why you’ll often hear, why does my dog hump me and no one else. At least now you know why and you can also stop it if you want to.

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