Why Won’T My Dog Cuddle with Me Anymore?

If your loving dog that is always clingy waiting for hugs and cuddling doesn’t want you anymore, there must be a reason. There are different reasons your dog may rebuff cuddling. It might be that it is bored, jealous, or feeling stressed.

So if you’re thinking, why won’t my dog cuddle with me anymore? Don’t worry, whatever the reasons, you can win your pet back. This article will discuss the likely reasons your dog is not so cuddly anymore. Also, you will learn how to overcome the latest development.

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Why Do Dogs Cuddle?

Why Do Dogs Cuddle

The reasons dogs cuddle are to bond with their owners and to obtain your body warmth. Also, cuddling up to you unleashes a substance that makes your dog feel good. Additionally, when your dog cuddles up to you, a hormone called oxytocin is released.

This hormone is the same one that is released at the time of childbirth or breastfeeding. The hormone induces calmness and comfort. Studies have shown that this hormone increases within the dogs and their owner’s bodies just after 3 minutes of their cuddling. This is to show you that it is not only dogs that benefit from cuddling. Some of the reasons for cuddling also include:

1. Sign of Friendship

Sign of Friendship

According to a ‘Healthy Paws Pet Insurance veterinarian, Zac Pilossoph, dogs regard cuddling as gathering at a dog park. So the first thing they do is sniff each other to get familiar with the new friend and create an impression with them.

If the two friends like one another, they cuddle together and rub their bodies against the other to display their friendship and affection. Dogs significantly differ from human beings, even how they express affection. Humans hug and kiss, whereas dogs prefer to cuddle and rub against you. They may not understand how humans express their affection and love, but they still do what comes naturally to them by cuddling.

2. Expression of Respect

Expression of Respect

One more thing that may make a little dog cuddle to you connects to the mannerism of puppies to roll around, twist, and turn on their back to show subordination and respect. You must have noticed this frequently if you have a puppy. While the puppy is rolling or turning on its back, it thinks that it is showing you affection, respect, and subordination.

3. to Show Love

to Show Love

The dog owners also benefit from cuddling up to their dogs. Your dog wants to cuddle up to you because it loves you greatly, just as you do. Since dogs exhibit the pack mindset, they regard their owners as one of their pack. Thus, they want to communicate their love and affection for you through cuddling. Some of the ways dogs show affection or love include:

  • They Always need to Cuddle up.

Dogs may not like bear hugs from their owners, but they love cuddling up against you. It means that your dog feels a deep connection to you when it creeps into your bed at night for a cuddle.

  • Yawning

If a dog yawns in your presence, it is a major signal that your dog is greatly relaxed around you. Also, it shows that it feels close to you. When your dog is happy, it is displayed with a loose mouth and a loose tongue instead of a clenched mouth.

  • Staring At You for long periods

Do you think that dogs only hug with their arms? They also hug their loved ones with their eyes. According to a study in the Science journal, the love hormone called oxytocin increases in the dog and its owner when you stare into your dog’s eyes. In addition, dogs regard eye contact as a huge confidence booster. A dog that respects you will stare steadily into your eyes.

  • Tail Waging

A dog wagging its tail may not always mean that it is happy. According to research, if a dog wags its tail right side, it is happy. But if the dog swishes its tail to the left side, it is showing nervousness.

  • They won’t Go Crazy as you Leave.

According to Stan Rawlinson, a dog listener from the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors, dogs have this separation anxiety. As you leave, they are not sure that you will come back. He says wolves do not leave each other alone in the wolf pack. But if the dog loves its owner, it will be calm as you leave. The reason is that it trusts you and knows that you will come back for it.

  • The excitement when you Get Back

Any dog that really loves its owner will be greatly delighted as you come back. When you come back, your dog will do a full-body waggling to show you its excitement. But when you receive the cold treatment, something is definitely wrong somewhere.

  • They Keep On Coming Back

Your dog will keep on coming for more contact or cuddle if it loves you. For instance, if your dog keeps on bringing one object again and again for you to throw, it means that it is enjoying your attention and company. Likewise, according to the dog counselors, your dog will come back for more if it loves spending time with you.

Why Won’T My Dog Cuddle with Me Anymore?

Why Won’t My Dog Cuddle with Me Anymore

Your dog may not cuddle anymore if it is sick or struggling with old age. Also, if it feels intimidated or finds a new friend, the cuddling might reduce too. Sometimes it might be that the timing is off or somebody maltreated it.

Generally, canines are perceptive and very loving about their owners. But you should bear in mind, though, that it is not every dog that is sociable. Some canines like to keep their private space, so if such is your case, you shouldn’t worry at all. Keeping their distance doesn’t mean that the dog didn’t love you.

It means that your doggy friend may like to display its affection for you in another way. But if a known jovial and playful dog starts to distance itself from you, it may be as a result of the following;

1. Stress

Do you know that even dogs do have their own stressful moments? For instance, when you take your doggy to the vet, you may notice it shivering out of fear. Such situations make your dog uncomfortable and stressed. As a result, it may not be in the mood for cuddling at the moment. After all, you brought it to the vet and held it down to take the necessary shots. Watching your dog’s body language, you will realize that it doesn’t want touching. If your dog pulls its ears backward, with a lowered head and stiff body, it is saying, hands-off! Some dogs may even go crazy for the moment for just minor details.

2. Boredom


Just like human beings get bored, dogs also feel bored if they have to stay cooped up at a place the whole day.  Especially the breeds that always want to release their pent-up vigor. However, there are certain breeds though that love staying at one place.

Lively dogs love stimulation, and constant cuddling becomes tedious for them over time. You may notice your dog squirming or kicking when you want to cuddle it until you set it free. The action is to show you that they’re no more interested in your cuddling. Always make sure you are attentive to the body language of your canine friend. If it doesn’t want cuddling, look for another source of entertainment for it.

3. Being Pressured

Like humans, dogs do not like being pressured into cuddling up to you when they want to be by themselves. You may not be happy if you want to cuddle your dog, and it repudiates you. However, consider that you cannot force it to be loving.

You should give your dog time to come to you naturally when it feels like it.

4. Jealousy


You can identify with jealousy as a human since it seems that dogs also feel that way. For example, when you bring a new baby, pet, or dog into your house, your furry friend is likely to become jealous. Your dog will sulk, thinking another person has taken over its number one position.

Dogs are very perceptive and sensitive to new scents that remain on your possessions and clothes. Your dog may not want cuddling if it suffers from anxiety over the new people around you or a new environment. Some dogs, though, behave contrarily. When they feel jealous, they are likely to clamor for your attention.

5. Abuse

Some dogs have traumas due to the abuse they suffered from their former owners. If your dog came from an owner that abused it, it would likely feel cautious around you and others. Always pay attention to how your family and friends treat your furry friend. If your dog gets abused unknowingly to you, the trauma may make it feel unsafe in your home. And that will result in no cuddling from your doggy.

6. Illness

If your dog is ill, it may behave unusually, and if you try to cuddle up to it, you may make the behavior worst. You should always be mindful of your dog’s behavioral changes. Be mindful of any adjustments or changes in your pet’s routine and performance. Inspect your dog for symptoms or pain so that you can promptly send it to the vet and make it okay.

7. Changes In Personality

Your dog’s personality may change over the years, just as your own can change. Your dog may lose interest in certain things and turn unsocial. Usually, this situation happens more in younger canines that pass through development phases. You may feel heartbroken to think that your dog, which was affectionate before, is no longer so. Your duty as its owner is to continue loving your dog throughout the whole phase. Also, show them that any time they feel like cuddling, you are always available.

How to Get Your Dog to Cuddle with You?

How to Get Your Dog to Cuddle with You

Are you feeling frustrated because your dog no longer cuddles with you anymore? You only need to put in a little effort and follow the steps listed here for your dream to come true. Here is what you can do!

  1. Lift up your doggy and place it over your laps regularly. Pick out a particular time when your dog is quite calm. It is quite unfair to pick up your dog when it is excitedly running circle across the house.
  2. Massage its back and head while speaking to it soothingly. Most dogs love this attention and will calm down instantly.
  3. Hug your dug, cuddle it while you are leaning over above it. If your dog resists you, restrain it gently. Do not speak or correct it in a harsh voice. The dog may get scared, especially a young one, if you speak harshly to it while holding it.
  4. Follow up on this process many times every day until your dog starts looking forward to your time together. Use this period to massage its feet, legs, and face. Allow your dog to become familiar with you touching it anywhere. At least, that will make it feel undisturbed anytime you want to treat it for health issues.
  5. Gradually increase the time you want your dog to cuddle up to you. At first, just a pat and quick hug may be what your dog needs from you. However, you will realize that your dog sleeps off on your lap as you are cuddling it as time goes on.
  6. Learn what your dog likes and what it hates and respect them. For example, some dogs enjoy cuddling and petting, while some love their independence and personal space. Don’t assume what your dog may like, and start doing it. Instead, try to find out the actual thing it enjoys.
  7. Set your dog up to succeed. Set small tasks for your dog to perform, and when it achieves it, offer it a reward. It increases your bonding time as you affectionately encourage your dog to accomplish things.
  8. Always be the bearer of goodies and life’s necessities to your dog. Your dog will always obey you if you are its major source of wonderful things in life. Most especially, if you are the bringer of toys and food for it.
  9. Always monitor your dog’s body language. Dogs may not talk with their mouths, but they can communicate to us through their body language. Be very attentive so that you can understand what your dog is trying to tell you.


Overall, you will have to invest more effort in training your dog to become more loving if you want it to cuddle up to you. According to the personality of your dog, set achievable tasks for it. Do not use food as your only source of love expression.

Always bear in mind that the key to success is positive encouragement. If you keep on motivating your dog, it will be more ready to show you love. With everything here, the question of why won’t my dog cuddle with me anymore won’t spring up.

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