Why Does My Dog Lean on Me with His Backside? Reasons behind It + Solution

As a new dog owner, it is normal to be worried if your dog puts his backside on you. It could look like the dog is ignoring you. To some people, it looks like the dog is sexually into them, especially for male dog owners.

But if you’re having thoughts like, “if it’s not what I think it is, why does my dog lean on me with his backside?” The answer is that they love you, and to them, it is a sign of trust. They are trying to show their vulnerability. Also, they might have felt tired or itchy, and they want you to help them scratch.

This article will discuss why it is important to know the reason dogs lean on you. Also, we will tell you the breeds of dogs that lean on their owners the most. Keep reading then!

Could Leaning Be a Problem?

Why does my dog lean on me with his backside

It is not a problem normally, but if the pet owner says he doesn’t like it, then it becomes one. Also, it can be a problem if you don’t take proper care of your dog. However, we advise you know what your dog wants before you scold him for leaning on you. So, you don’t rebuke them when you need to help them.

You can just raise a small dog or a puppy and cuddle. But you can’t do the same for a big dog, so the alternative is leaning. It is harmless, and if you want the bond between you and your dog to increase, it’s the perfect tool.

Although if it gets too much, the dog might find it hard to go an hour without you. Also, he might start invading your privacy and overstepping their boundaries. The worst is that if your dog is dirty, you will risk your health. Dogs can transfer zoonotic diseases to humans. Zoonoses are diseases that are transferable from animals to man. Most of them can cause critical skin issues.

Some diseases you can get from your dog include:

  • Creeping eruption

As a dog owner, if you are not careful, you can get hookworm from your dog. Hookworm is a parasite that affects dogs and even cats. It can affect your dog, and you won’t know about it. Hookworm can be transferable from dogs to humans by cutaneous larval migrants.

It can cause a creeping eruption on the skin. Infected persons will have blisters, critical itching, and creeping rashes on their skin.

  • Ringworm

Ring warm is a skin disease that fungal infection causes. It affects humans and dogs. It is one of the zoonotic diseases, and it is transferable from dogs to humans and humans to dogs. Ring-warm can cause skin lesions, scaly scalp, itching, and hair loss. However, you can treat it by applying antifungal medications.

  • Bacterial skin infection

As your dog plays around, there is a possibility of catching bacterial infections. These bacterial infections are transferable to humans when they come in contact with an infected dog’s feces or urine. Also, from contact with the saliva and coat of an infected dog.

Staphylococcus is one bacterium that causes skin infections. You can treat most bacterial infections with antibiotics.

  • Scabies (sarcoptic Mange)

Sarcoptes is the microscopic mite that causes sarcoptic mange and feed into your dog’s skin to stay. Simple body contact with that of a dog that has scabies is enough to transfer the infection. For dogs, it is sarcoptic mange, but when humans get it, it is scabies. The good news is that they are treatable.

If you love to touch, play, and let your dog lean on you, monitor the distance yourself if they have infections. However, the best way to go about this issue is not abstinence but treatment. Take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment to avoid contracting these skin infections.

Also, you should take your dog to the vet when you notice an infection. We advise you to visit your vet regularly for checkups and treatment if necessary.

Why Is It Important to Know What This Behavior Means?

Why Is It Important to Know What This Behavior Means?

It is very important because you might take the wrong action if you don’t know why your dog leans on you. Many people scold their dogs for nothing. They are ignorant of the meaning of something their dogs do.

Things like licking, barking, humping, or leaning on you might go upsetting if you don’t know what they want. Ignorance of the innocence behind a dog’s leaning can make you strike your dog. However, if you take your time to find out what they want, you discover they mean no harm.

You may have been away for so long, and when you get back, you notice your dog with a new learning habit. Yes, it can be weird. But what if the dog wants your attention, or he is showing off how much he misses you? Would it still feel weird to you?

But, since you don’t know why he is leaning his backside on you, you freak out and send him away. Some people will hit their dogs for the act and scare them away or make them aggressive.

Which Dog Breeds like to Lean on Their Owners?

Which Dog Breeds like to Lean on Their Owners

All dogs like to lean on their owners. But, the happy breeds like it more. It might interest you to know that not all dogs are happy. Some are aggressive, and some are violent. But, the happy ones lean the most.

Aggressive dogs mostly just want to do their jobs, eat and maybe get attention. This is because they are mostly in the cage, security houses, watch rooms, and on hunting trips with the police or hunters. But the happy breed of dogs wants attention all day long. So they play around with their owners, lick them, and lean on them.

Happy dog breeds :

1. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniels are one of the most popular dogs amongst UK dog owners. This is because they have a happy temperament, and their tails are mostly wagging to show. Cocker spaniels are very calm and loving, and they supply their owners with enough love. Regardless of their energetic nature.

2. English Setter

English setter

English setters are energetic, progressive, and they are good. Although they are loveable enough to be kept, they are gradually reducing in population. They are usually big, so they need an owner who has a sizeable space and can take them for exercise.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever is currently UK’s favorite breed and has been for years. They have outstanding personalities and zeal to do lovely things. This breed is skilled, and they can be excellent assistant dogs.

4. Irish Setter

Irish setter

This breed of dog is very agile. They initially trained them to be gundogs, and they still love being proactive and exploring fresh environments. If you are an active person, maybe a hiker or runner, we recommend an Irish setter for a companion dog. Despite their zeal for adventures, they are loving, too.

5. Boxer


This breed is very loyal. They are brave, loving, and mindful of family. This breed has a friendly nature even if they look fierce.

6. Golden Retriever

Golden retriever

This breed has similar traits to Labradors. They are kind and smart dogs, and they are particular about making their owners happy. However, golden retrievers are positive and of good cheer. They are interested in spending time with their owners and socializing with new people and dogs. The positive attitude they portray is communicable.

7. Smooth Collie

Smooth collie

We know smooth collies for their strength and intelligence. They initially trained them to watch sheep, and they have not lost their love to be outside. However, they need owners who are normally active outside because they are energetic and sociable.

This breed’s energy mostly looks like it doesn’t finish. However, they are active, and they are excellent in some sports.

8. Bichon Frise

Bichon frise

They are small dogs with gigantic hearts. Not practically, but literally. Bichon Frise enjoys attention from its owners, and they are very energetic. They are great family companions because of their free spirit and agility.

Why Does My Dog Lean on Me with His Backside?

Why Does My Dog Lean on Me with His Backside

It’s a sign of confidence and trust. It is a method they used to say that they love you and to make a request for certain things. For example, they may need your attention or just need you to help them scratch an itching area on their body.

Dogs do not communicate like humans. They have entirely different communication methods. So, your dog leaning his backside on you does not mean disrespect, as you may see it.

So, to answer your question, why does my dog lean on me with his backside? These are some reasons your dog will lean on you with his backside.

  • It trusts you

When your dog trusts you, he can show you his backside. It sounds like a weird way to show trust, but it isn’t for them. When they turn their back against you, you get the chance to do to them whatever you want. At that point, they trust you won’t do them evil. Instead, they feel protected when they do this.

  • The Dog Loves You.

Dogs can’t speak human language, and the only thing they know to communicate with us is their body movement. So everything they do, no matter how silly, has a meaning, and leaning on your shows, they love you.

  • It Wants to Shield You.

Your dog will lean his backside on you to protect you from other attacking dogs. Also, from someone they feel is dangerous.

  • Your Dog Wants You to Scratch an Itching Area.

If a part of your dog’s body is itching and his paw or claws can’t reach it, he will come to you for help. So, he will turn his back, revealing the itchy area for you to scratch it.

  • The Dog Wants You to Leave Its Favorite Spot.

Sometimes, your dogs can grow too comfortable in a particular spot, and they make it their favorite spot. So, if you sit or lie on that spot, they’re likely to come to lean on you with their backside. It is a way of telling you to leave their spot.

  • Your Dog Is Hiding Something from You.

You may have a fixed mealtime for your dog, and he is used to it. He might go ahead of you to eat the meal. If he doesn’t want you to see that he is eating, he will lean his backside on you to hide it. Apart from food, they can also hide other things from you.

  • It Needs Attention.

When your dogs need attention, they become clingy. Aside from humping and pawing, they can lean their backside on you to get attention.

How to Break a Dog from Leaning on You?

How to Break a Dog from Leaning on You

It is clear that this act is harmless, except the dog is sick. But if you’re uncomfortable with it, you can still stop them from leaning on you. Check the ways below.

Meet a Veterinarian.

If your dog is sick and is constantly leaning for you to help scratch, you need to visit a vet. That way, your dog can get proper treatment, and the itching and leaning will stop.

Train the Dog to Be Obedient.

When a dog is not obedient, it won’t listen if you tell it to stop leaning on you. But, if you train your dog to be obedient, it will listen to you. If you can’t train your dog, take it to an expert trainer.


Why does my dog lean on me with his backside? Humans and animals don’t communicate the same way. So, your dog doesn’t mean any disrespect when it leans on you. The reverse is the case.

Dogs are very affectionate animals, although several of them can be aggressive. So, they will lean on you to show they love you. However, if you do not appreciate it, you can stop it.

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