Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bedsheet? – 8 Possible Reasons + Tips

Watching your dog scratch a hole in your yard is easier to take. But when it does the same on your bed, it calls for worry. Although dogs act strangely and differently from humans, this habit looks too extreme. When your dog scratches your bed sheet, it’s not that it just wants to be destructive.

So, why is my dog scratching my bed shit? This is probably because it wants attention or is exhibiting its territory-marking attitude. Also, it could seek warmth from the act.

This article will help you know if you should allow your dog to scratch your bed sheet, how you can stop the behavior. Also, you find out how to punish your dog when it destroys anything. Read more to learn.

Should You Let Your Dog Scratch the Bedsheet?

Should You Let Your Dog Scratch the Bedsheet

Don’t let the dog scratch your bed sheet. But, it can go both ways. If your dog destroys your bed sheet in the act, you shouldn’t let it scratch. But, if it doesn’t, which is almost impossible, you can let it scratch it for some time.

One way, your bed sheet won’t get destroyed when your dog scratches are if they made it with steel. Unfortunately, there is no bed sheet that they make with steel. So, it will get damaged when scratched. However, some dog owners don’t mind. They will replace the sheet all the time.

However, it is safer to stop the habit on time. If you allow it, the act will become a habit, and it might be too much to handle. But sometimes, your dog might need attention. Like you know, dogs express themselves completely differently from humans. So, it might be too extreme to scold a dog that means no harm.

Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bedsheet?

Why Is My Dog Scratching My Bedsheet

Your dog is scratching your bed shit because it wants comfort or attention. It might carry out this act innocently without knowing how destructive it is. Your dog just wants you to deliver your request, and that is what we are about to find out. There are various other reasons your dog will scratch your bed sheet.

So, why is my dog scratching my bedsheet?

1. It Comes as an Instinct.

Most dogs delight in nothing else but digging, and to them, it doesn’t have to be in a specific place. Also, dogs don’t have a specific age for it when it comes to scratching. They scratch anything to test the grounds for safety or comfort. So, the habit leaves with all dogs. It comes naturally to even your domestic dogs, and they can’t help but comply. They just love carrying out the act from time to time at where ever place they see fit.

It Comes as an Instinct

2. Pregnancy Nesting.

Bedsheet scratching is most common in pregnant dogs. When your female dog is pregnant, she scratches the bed more than ever. They call this process “nesting” in dogs. To them, they are making a nest prepare for their puppies.

This mostly happens when they are pregnant for the first time. Any space is suitable for nesting, even your bed. Their protective hormones make them act in this manner. They are trying to make a conducive space for their forth-coming puppies.

3. Learned Habit

Your dog can pick up a bedsheet scratching habit from other dogs. Like humans, dogs also copy attitudes from other dogs. A new dog can enter the neighborhood, and the dog scratches bed sheets. If your dog associates with it, it is likely to scratch your bed sheet as well. Dogs learn by watching.

Also, the habit can be self-thought. Initially, something might trigger it. But, as time goes on and you don’t stop it, it will grow to be a habit for your dog. This time, it will be harder to stop.

4. Anxiety or Stress

Anxiety or Stress

Sometimes, scratching helps your dogs to relax. But, when it doesn’t make them relax, it means they are anxious or stressed about something. For example, maybe you brought in a new pet that takes your attention away from it, so it wants it back. Also, they might be something else, maybe an insect that it is trying to catch without succeeding. So, your dog gets stressed or anxious. This makes it scratch aggressively.

5. Territorial Marking

Scratching your bed sheet can be a dog’s way of being territorial. Dogs normally mark spots to claim them. This mostly happens when they sense that other animals have been there. So, they will leave a mark on the next passing animal to know that the spot is not free.

You may have noticed your dog urinating on objects or spots that they normally stay around. That is just one way they claim territories. They also claim territories by scratching. Dogs have glands in their paws that drop a defined scent on any area they scratch. This includes your bed sheet. So while you see a disaster but your dog sees a claimed territory. You will even find them going back there to stay. Here, we advise you to get your dog a personal bed so it can mark its territory all it wants.

6. Curiosity

Your dog can scratch your bedsheet to investigate something. Sometimes, your bed has a protruding area, and they want to know what is under it, resulting in scratching. Also, they could perceive the smell of food on the bed. You may have finished the food, but the smell is still there. So, they scratch to investigate the smell.

Also, they might perceive the smell of their favorite play tool on the bed. Possibly, it is no longer there, but the smell is enough to make them want to find it.

7. Comfort


Like humans, dogs also love to have a comfortable sleeping place. This could be why it scratches your sheet. Even dogs in the wild scratch the ground to make it comfortable enough to sleep on. This applies to domestic dogs too. Your bed sheet might take away the comfort in their sleep. They will scratch it to make sure they have a suitable place to sleep.

Every dog has its unique definition of comfortable sleep. Some love hard surfaces, some soft, some warm, and others cold. Know the one your dog loves. Else it will keep scratching the wrong one.

8. Play

Dogs will do anything to play. The most unbelievable actions they take might just be them playing. So, scratching your bed sheet might be part of it too.

How Can I Stop My Dog from Scratching My Bedsheets?

How Can I Stop My Dog from Scratching My Bedsheets

You can stop your dog from scratching your bed by setting boundaries. Also, by taking it to a trainer to get rid of the copied habit, it has or disregarding any competitor.

We have seen that your dog scratching your bed is not from any medical issues. So, let’s look at how to stop the scratching of bed sheets. We will pick each of the reasons and offer a solution to them. That is the best way you can stop your dog from indulging in the act.

● Train Them Out of the Scratching Instinct.

Since scratching for dogs comes as an instinct, you might as well train them to let go of it. If it gets hard for you to train your dog, you can always take it to a professional trainer to get the job done.

● Get Your Dog a Great Place for Childbirth.

When your dog is pregnant, it is safe to get a bed for it and restrict it off your bed. This way, your bed is safe from scratches.

● Get Rid of the Learned Habit.

It might be quite difficult to get rid of a habit that has stayed for long. But, it is possible. A professional dog trainer can help you with this aspect.

● Lessen the Cause of Their Anxiety.

Lessen the Cause of Their Anxiety

Most times, your dog scratches your bed because of anxiety. To stop this, find out what makes it anxious and lessen it. For example, if you give too much attention to other pets and neglect your dog, it can cause anxiety. So, try to balance the attention to your other pets or avoid getting another pet. Also, if there’s something it wants, maybe it wants to catch an insect that is tormenting it. You should help.

● Lessen the Cause for Territorial Marking.

Your dog mostly feels the need to mark territory when it senses another animal’s movement around the place. So, try to protect its interests and your bed sheet by making sure no other animal enters there. This is most common for dog owners who have over one pet.

Also, your dog can mark territory because you intrude. To solve this, get your dog into its bed and stay away from it, except you want to clean it.

● Lessen Cause for Curiosity.

Since your dog reacts to the smell of food or toys on your bed, you can make sure you don’t take food to your bed. Also, make sure their toys don’t go anywhere close to your bed. Finally, always dress your bed to be flat and smooth to avoid provoking an investigative sense in them.

● Provide Them with Comfort.

Provide Them with Comfort

You can get your dog its bed and make sure it is comfortable enough for it. Study your dog and know what kind of surface it feels comfortable sleeping on, then provide it for them.

● Keep Boundaries.

You can buy your dog a bed, and it will still love to play on yours. So, keep the boundary and let it know to stay off your bed.

How Do You Punish a Dog for Destroying Things?

The best thing to do is to monitor them not to repeat the same thing. Try to prevent every means that can make the undesirable happen again. Also, you can deprive your dog of treats and use mild words to tame them.

When your dog destroys your stuff, there’s no point punishing them. You don’t hit or set traps for them. Instead, follow them up gently or take them to a trainer to train them to stop the habit if it becomes consistent.


You need to note that your dog is not human, and it can never be. So, try to adapt and get familiar with its means of communicating with you for a happier companionship.

Why is my dog scratching my bedsheet? The plain answer to this question is communication. Your dog is passing a message to you, and you need to understand it.

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