Rubber Squeeze Shrilling Screaming Chicken Toy Review

Dogs generally love squeezy toys. The caveat is that most squeezy toys don’t last for more than a few hours, especially with heavy chewers. This Shrilling Screaming Chicken Toy though, can resist serious abuse.

This rubber squeaky toy is made of thermoplastic rubber that can take quite a beating from your dog. We mean, even large breeds.

With non-toxic materials and sturdy construction, it allows for great playtime with your dog without the garbage bag to clean up after!

The Shrill Scream

Most pet squeezy toys that we’ve encountered let out a feeble whistle when squeezed. Not only do those not last for much, the faint noise gets disinteresting pretty soon for most dogs. This rubber chicken toy though, is different. It lets out a hardcore shrieking sound when squeezed. Hence the name!

The sound, while not loud to disturb you, is adequate to attract your dog’s attention and for a few minutes, the fun continues as the toy screams as they play. There are two squeezy whistles in the toy. So, regardless of which end your dog bites, the other one makes for a fitting reaction. It’s fun to see your dog react to the sound. Keeps them engaged for hours on end.

6 Inches With a Tall Neck

The Shrilling Rubber Chicken Toy is 6″ long and features a tall-neck that’s more duck than Chicken. This makes it perfect for your dog to grab, chew on, fight and toss it around. It is ideal for toss-and-fetch, as well as a tug-of-war toy.

6 Inches With a Tall Neck


As we said, it’s rugged and you can be rest assured that the neck wont rip even if your dog pulls at it with all their might. The chicken’s available in 3 bright colors. So, it’s impossible to miss even if Fido hides it amongst their secret stash.

Heavy Chewers? No Problem!

Rubber toys are generally more durable than cloth and plastic ones. But a large breed can make short work of anything if they set their heart to it. But the chicken toy is specially made from thermoplastic rubber, which is industrial grade rubber.

Heavy Chewers

It can sustain hours and days of incessant chewing without ripping or fraying. If anything, your pet might get bored, but the chicken will outlast all other toys.

Best features

  • Tough thermoplastic construction
  • Does not rip, tear or break even with hours of abuse by large breeds
  • Soft on the outside and does not hurt your dog’s gums or teeth
  • No sharp edges
  • 6” in size with a long neck that’s more duck-like
  • Makes it perfect for tug of war, toss and fetch and loads of other games
  • Two squeeze whistles, one on either end keeps your dog occupied for hours
  • Makes a loud, shrieking noise when squeezed which grabs their attention
  • Available in 3 bright colors that’s easy to spot even if your dog hides it

Final Thoughts

If you are plain bored trying out cookie-cutter squeeze toys that break apart in no time, grab the Chicken Toy today. It shrieks, it keeps your pet engaged and it lasts forever. That’s a combo that’s hard to come by.

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