LED Light Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight and Poop Bag Holder Review

If you hate lugging around a million accessories during dog walks, then you’ll love this retractable dog leash with a flashlight. The LED light is bright enough to light your way even in the pitch dark.

The retractable leash gives your pet 14.7 feet of range for moving around freely and going about their doggy business. When they are done, you can pull out a poop bag from the poop bag holder and collect the dump all the way into the trash.

Durable Leash for Large Dogs

This multifunctional tool features a heavy-duty leash that works well with large dogs weighing up to 77 lbs. It is made of braided nylon that can withstand tugging, scratching, chewing, and biting.

It’s highly reflective too, which makes it ideal for walks during the night or early in the morning. Also, it features a stop and lock feature, which allows you to keep your dog close by when needed. You can adjust the length depending on the available room for the pet to explore.

Bright LED light

The bright LED light ensures that you can walk at night without bumping into trees, lamp posts, and other objects. It gives you a clear view of the surrounding area up to 20 feet.

Bright LED light

You can even use it when walking your dog in the dark or in partially lit areas. If your dog chases a cat or another animal into the shrubs, you can use this to track them down. It will also come in handy in case your pet poops where they aren’t supposed to.

The LED runs on two AA batteries and should last for months without draining.

Smart Design

The tool is smartly designed for easy use. It features a sturdy handle, which gives you a firm grip on the leash. It is extremely easy to extend and retract the wire with just one hand.

Smart Design

There’s a red button at the top, for controlling the leash with your thumb, while you can activate the flashlight with a slider switch, again perfectly positioned. The poop bag holder is incorporated on the rear of the leash where you can store a roll of poop bags.

Just tug the cap to retract it and pull out one bag at a time. It’s that simple!

Best features

  • Multifunctional dog accessory that features 3 tools in a compact design
  • Features a bright LED light that allows you to walk your dog at night without bumping into objects.
  • It comes with a strong, durable, nylon leash that can withstand chewing and biting from your dog. Rated for dogs that weigh up to 77 lbs.
  • Reflective nylon fabric makes it perfect for poorly lit neighborhoods
  • Stop and lock design for easy length adjustment
  • Poop bag holder is incorporated into the tool
  • Gently tug to pull out one poop bag at a time
  • Lightweight design is perfect for travel
  • Value for money


If you are looking for a convenient, lightweight tool that makes walks at night with your dog more enjoyable and safer, this retractable leash and LED flashlight combo is just what you needed.

It comes at an affordable price and gives you multiple uses with just one tool. Walk, watch and collect poop without lugging around different tools.

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