Bear Cotton Rope Teething Toy Review

When your pup’s teething, they can practically chew on anything in the house. Shoes, furniture, electronics, couches, cutlery, crockery, books, nothing’s spared. This organic cotton rope toy will give them a safe and soft surface to chew on.

It caters to their natural chewing instinct and keeps them engaged and distracted for hours. Plus, it’s easily washable with lukewarm water and can be air dried in minutes.

Lasts for Months With Incessant Chewing

This cotton rope toy is shaped like a bear in subtle colors. Enough to catch the eye, but not too garish. Your dog can chew and tug on this toy for hours and it will hold up without fraying or splitting. It’s durable and can be washed by hand or in the machine.

It’s 3″ x 5″ of organic cotton threads closely knit together. That’s perfectly-sized for your pup to get their paws on. They’ll love licking it, tugging at it, and chomping down on it for hours at end. Also, there’s zero risk of your pup ingesting the bear. It’s too large for them to swallow. There aren’t any harmful or toxic chemicals in this toy either.

Completely safe

Chew toys made from bone and plastic can trigger allergies and other health problems in pups. This organic cotton rope toy is a great alternative to those.

Completely safe

Cotton is soft to the touch and even if your pup chomps down on it, there isn’t any risk of it accidentally hurting their gums or teeth. In fact, the tightly-knit fibers scrape against their teeth and gum tissue to stimulate blood flow in the gums, removing plaque and tartar in the process.

Play Fetch

When it’s not a chew toy, this rope toy can be used to play fetch and tug of war. Most pet parents are wary of leaving their pups alone with toys for fear of them accidentally swallowing it.

Play Fetch

But you can leave them worry free with this one. They can chew on it all day and will generally leave it a soggy mess when they are done. You just toss it into the wash and get it dry in a few hours.

Best features

  • 100% natural and organic cotton for a completely safe and non-toxic surface
  • Soft on the gums and teeth, but hard enough to scrape off plaque and tartar
  • Perfect size for a puppy to get their paws on. But large enough that they won’t accidentally swallow it
  • Extremely durable and machine wash safe, but best to hand wash as quick as possible
  • Perfect for playing fetch and tug of war
  • Ideal for chewing, licking, and gnawing on when your pup is teething or just needs to let out some steam
  • Durable for hours of play
  • Comes in a cute bear shape to keep your pup interested
  • Dimensions are 3″ x 5″

Final Thoughts

Cotton rope makes for a great surface for your pup to chew on because it’s not poisonous or toxic. It’s soft on their gums, but hard enough to scrape off plaque and tartar. They can bite on it all day, which helps you tide through the teething phase without the furniture looking like a hurricane ripped through it.

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